The Fundamentals of a Great YouTube Video Description

YouTube isn’t new. I don’t need to tell you that. It was a revolutionary video sharing platform for the masses well before Google acquired it, effectively cannibalizing the now defunct Google Video platform. A big difference that has emerged these last couple of years, however, is the accessibility of high quality video — both as consumers and as creators — for the general … [Read more...]

Want More Traffic and Leads? Follow These WordPress Tips – Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of our Traffic and Leads series through WordPress. If you haven’t read Part 1 & 2, I suggest you go back and read those before continuing because they will help shed a lot of light on the setup process of WordPress. WordPress is an awesome platform because it gives you complete control of your blogging. A website that used to take several weeks to setup can now be done within … [Read more...]

Want More Traffic and Leads? Follow These WordPress Tips – Part 2

Welcome come to Part 2 of my series and I encourage everyone to read Part 1 before going forward. Everyone wants to find creative ways to generate traffic and leads so I’ve decided to do research and put this together. In the previous part, we talked about choosing the right hosting provider and installing WordPress. Once you’ve installed your platform, it’s time to do some research so you can … [Read more...]

Want More Traffic and Leads? Follow These WordPress Tips

WordPress is an ultimate platform and they’ve incorporated every element into their system. It’s very easy for you to customize your website to your preference. I think it’s very important you have a solid platform if you want to succeed in blogging because I think it’s a waste to devote your time to factors that you shouldn’t be paying close attention to. For example, we worry about coding and … [Read more...]

The Debate about Revealing Blogging Income

You’ve probably noticed many of the top bloggers reveal blogging income and there is much debate over if this good practice. Recently, I noticed bloggers who are starting out will reveal their income as well, showing the progression through a starting blog to one that gains momentum over the years. The main argument is when showing income, you are devaluing the purpose of starting a blog in the … [Read more...]

Inside Out Marketing Vs. Outside In Marketing – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of this series, where we’ll be discussing the opposite of Inside Out Marketing, which is Outside In Marketing. When I was introduced to this concept, I thought it was like every other, but when you start dissecting the philosophy behind this type of marketing, you’ll understand why it’s so powerful. Anyway, in the first section, we looked at ways to effectively market your blog … [Read more...]

5 Instagram Features You May Have Missed

Want to attract an audience and following that actually cares about and interacts with the content that you post? You should really be on Instagram. According to a TrackMaven report, engagement rates on the image-focused social network are considerably higher than both Twitter and Facebook. If you’ve been focusing more of your efforts elsewhere, it might be time for you to pay a little … [Read more...]

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