Blogger Outreach: What Can It Do for You?

Blogger Outreach: What Can It Do for You? As a businessperson, you’re certainly familiar with various online marketing tools. You have no doubt purchased banner ads or used some sort of social media marketing, but have you considered blogger outreach? If you’re a more traditional businessperson, you might think that blogs don’t have much of an impact. You might think blogger outreach … [Read more...]

4 Spooky Marketing Lessons from Classic Halloween Monsters

Halloween is objectively the best holiday of the fall-winter season. You don’t have to go broke buying people gifts. You don’t have to cook an enormous meal (then pass out after gorging on turkey). The only obligations for Halloween are to play dress up and eat candy! Not to mention I’m somewhat partial to the holiday’s aesthetic. Give me skulls and bats over tinsel and garland any day of the … [Read more...]

$453k in 33 Days: A Guide to Launching on Kickstarter – Guest Post by John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas. You’ve probably heard the name since he has one of the most popular business podcasts in the world, Entrepreneurs on Fire. But did you know he has also led the sixth most funded publishing campaign and the second most funded journal on Kickstarter ever with his launch of The Freedom Journal? Amazing. Because of the Kickstarter success John Lee Dumas has had, I knew that one day I’d … [Read more...]

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