Entrepreneurs seek to consolidate functionality

There was a time when the startup world looked as easy as throwing a baseball into a swimming pool. Early startups like Facebook and PayPal addressed the simplest of needs to communicate and transact. But now entrepreneurs bullish on the space are challenged in much more specific ways. Gone are the days of tech startups trying to address the most basic human needs. Instead, they’ve focused on … [Read more...]

11 ways to use data for better team engagement

It's remarkably easy for employees to feel disconnected from the company they work for. Article by The Next Web. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Don’t start your business in a tech hub city

We often make assumptions about a tech company’s culture based on where it’s from. Valley startups are perceived differently from those in London, which are seen as different again from those founded in Amsterdam, Berlin or Paris. It’s not hard to find information about the competing merits of starting a business in different locations, and we assume that the surrounding culture of the tech hub … [Read more...]

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