So, I got tricked into doing Yoga. How? A simple persuasion trick that can be used to create persuasive sales messages.

So, I went to Asheville, North Carolina to speak at an event. As I walked out of the airport, my Uber driver told me “12 Bones” is the best BBQ in Asheville. And it’s only open for lunch. “TAKE ME THERE!” It was me. And my video guy. We had all our luggage. But we didn’t have a choice. The place was closing soon. I walked into the restaurant and saw the writing … [Read more...]

Be Your Own Accountant

Are you sick of paying fees for your accountant? Sure, whether you run your own business, are self-employed, or simply want someone to take away all the hassle of bookkeeping, an accountant can be a real help. But, eventually, those sky-high fees will become a big drain on your finances, especially if you are struggling to make a profit in the first place. Think it’s worth trying to be your own … [Read more...]

Is Working From Home All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

The ability to sip your favorite coffee and chill out on a comfy sofa with your laptop open answering work emails and being productive while making money at the same time sounds like most people’s idea of a perfect work to home life balance. Working from home has emerged with the advent of agile working. As we have become more interlinked through the use of technology, we now have the luxury of … [Read more...]

Conquering Cash: Tools To Get You Back On Track

Money is one of the hardest things in life for most adults to control. With unexpected bills, fees, and other expenditure, it can be almost impossible to make sure you’re saving enough to move forward in the future. Of course, a lot of people can force themselves to be good with their cash. But, most still find it hard to secure this part of their life. To help with this, this post will be going … [Read more...]

Sure Signs You Should Be Working for Yourself

Although most of us still work for a boss, the numbers of people choosing to go their own way and work for themselves are increasing all the time. There have never been more opportunities to start up an online store, become a freelance writer or start a new life as a life coach if you’re willing to take the plunge, but is working for yourself really for you? If you like the idea of working for … [Read more...]

See How This Entrepreneur Rewrote Her Sales Page For A Childrens’ Toy

So, Ilona Viluma runs a company called “Gigi Bloks.” It’s an educational children’s toy that encourages kids to build all sorts of cool stuff: like castles, walls, tables, dinosaurs, birds, and more. Even though she primarily sold through retail stores, she wanted to start selling Gigi Blocks online. The problem? People just weren’t buying. The weird part? She has a … [Read more...]

How I Made $88.71 For Each Person Who Visited This One Single Page On My Website

So, I made $88.71 for each person who visited this one single page on my website. What page was it? My checkout page. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like: It’s simple. It’s clean. And it works like a charm. Now let me breakdown why it works… And then show you how to make one yourself. The “Human Psychology” Behind A Checkout Page That Converts Your … [Read more...]

How to Write Facebook Posts That Get ORGANIC REACH!

So, this week I’m talking about how to write better sales copy… Yesterday I showed you how one entrepreneur rewrote her sales page for a childrens’ toy. Today I want to show you how you can rewrite something as simple as a social media update and make it 100x better. Angelique Roux is a massage therapist. When she had some open spots, she wrote a social media update… … [Read more...]

SM Prime Holdings – Workplace That Builds on your Success

When it comes to employee satisfaction, factors like competitive pay, benefits, and work responsibilities are common considerations that shape the playing field. However, specialists are now looking at the correlation between a location’s general climate to career satisfaction and overall business success. SM Prime Holdings Inc. (SMPHI) operates under this concept. The affiliate of SM Investments … [Read more...]

Making Great Choices Towards Your Future

Life is not easy, as well as making choices towards one’s future. It’s not enough that you’re well educated, have money stashed in the bank, your future has not been written yet, that’s why it’s important to invest in a life insurance. The process of making a decision may take hours or even days due to the numerous factors that have to be considered. Much like in … [Read more...]

Fun fact: If you rely on “word-of-mouth,” you need help

Fun fact: If you rely on “word-of-mouth,” you need help. Specifically my help. Here’s why: Everyone knows the BIG PROBLEM with Word-of-Mouth… …but no one thinks it will happen to them. I’ll explain. Look: Word-of-mouth is a great way to build a business. It means that your product or service is good enough that people are willing to recommend it. Good on you. … [Read more...]

Is Credit The Be-All And End-All Of Your Financial Health?

The way that a lot of people talk about it, you might think that credit is the single most important aspect of your finances. That you need to protect it, strengthen it and always keep a keen eye on it. How much truth is there to that? Why does credit matter? Who can see it? What other options do you have? These are important questions that we’re going to look into now. Image Credit What you use … [Read more...]

So, I spent $139,614.18 on one Facebook ad. Here’s why I did it…

Yep. I spent $139,614.18 on one Facebook ad. Why? Well… Read this! Let Me Break It Down For You… Every single person who clicked on that ad was sent into what’s known as a “sales funnel.” What’s a sales funnel? Well… Here’s a visual representation: Or, in other words. * People visit your website. * They opt in to your email list. * You send them … [Read more...]

Make Money From Your Home By Decluttering!

Is your home filled with an overwhelming amount of stuff? Do you need extra cash for a vacation or to help you buy a new property? If the answer is yes then decluttering could be the answer to all of your prayers. Decluttering is a technique that many homeowners use to bring order to their homes. It involves reducing the amount of possession you have by getting rid of things you no longer need or … [Read more...]

How to Live A Remarkable Life (The Secret? Be The Exception)

Things look pretty bleak… 17 out of 18 women make less than $100,000 per year. 1 In 114 countries, more than half of the adult population is overweight. In America it’s closer to two-thirds. 2 “Poor at 20, Poor for life.” A new study indicates that from the 1980s to 2000s, people are less likely to move up the income ladder… even with an education. 3 Loneliness is becoming the next public health … [Read more...]

Easy Methods To Get Money From Being At Home

Getting the bits of cash that you need when you’re struggling is a bit of a pain in the unmentionables. While clearing out your house for items you can sell to anyone that is passing by, it may only provide a short-term fix. So what do you do after you’ve sold nearly all of your earthly possessions? Do you get a part-time job? But the perils of that when you need money instantly, you can’t wait a … [Read more...]

Lock And Key: Five Ways That You Can Stay Online

We live a lot of our lives on the internet these days. And that’s a wonderful thing most of the time. We’ve never been able to keep in touch with friends more easily, shop more conveniently and learn more quickly. The amount of things that the web allows us to do is just awe inspiring. It offers freedom in ways we might not have even been able to imagine just twenty years ago. The … [Read more...]

How to Sell More: 3 Steps to the Perfect Sales Pitch Online

How do you persuade someone to buy your product or service… even if you’re not great at “selling?” If you read advice from other “experts,” you’ll see that they recommend you use shady tactics like “fake scarcity,” “fake discounts,” and worse, they’ll encourage you to outright LIE… UGH! David Ogilvy always said, … [Read more...]

Herbalife Nutrition Survey on Millennials at Work

Herbalife Nutrition, a global nutrition company, has released the findings from its Asia Pacific Millennials At Work Survey1, which revealed that Filipino millennials are adapting a healthy, active lifestyle, however, most believe their current workplace environment prevents them from doing so. Millennials, or people born in between 1980 and 2000, are opting for a workplace that will encourage … [Read more...]

How to Make People Like You In 5 Seconds Or Less… (No Gimmicks. No Tricks. Just 3 Quick Tips).

There’s one thing I do that makes people like me. I never realized I did it. I just did it. I don’t want people to think I do this to be manipulative. FAR FROM IT. I just noticed that I often did it in social situations and it works like a charm. Especially if you’re meeting someone new. I’m Derek Halpern, and I’m the founder of Social Triggers. A top destination for … [Read more...]

Philam Asset Management Inc – Unleash the Market’s Potential

Philam Asset Management, Inc. (PAMI) in partnership with The Asset Magazine, recently held their first Economic Outlook for the year, entitled “2017 Unboxed: Unleash the Market’s Potential” at the Blue Leaf Events Pavilion in Taguig City. With over 200 PAMI distributors and clients in attendance, the event brought together Secretary of Budget and Management Mr. Benjamin Diokno, famed writer and … [Read more...]

Meet Dr. Brett Kotlus, A NYC Cosmetic Surgeon Who Doubled His Traffic And Now Gets Half His New Patients From His Blog

Two years ago, Dr. Brett Kotlus quit his job as a cosmetic surgeon. Everyone thought he was nuts. Why? He was moving to New York to start his own cosmetic surgery practice. “People told me I was crazy to move my practice from Detroit to New York because it’s the most competitive and expensive city to start a cosmetic surgery practice.” When Brett started, business was tough. He was only seeing a … [Read more...]

PAMI Brings Together Economic Experts in Cebu

Philam Asset Management, Inc. (PAMI) flies in economic experts to Visayas for the third leg of their Economic Outlook series entitled “2017 Unboxed: Unleash the Market’s Potential”. The event was held in the grand ballroom of The Mariott Hotel, in Cebu City. The event was also in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Thematic to the holiday, PAMI opened the show with a dragon and lion dance … [Read more...]

How to be confident

What’s the secret to becoming confident in any social situation? About 10 years ago, when I was just starting college, I would have said, “there is no secret. You either have it or you don’t.” And I would have been DEAD WRONG. You see, back then, I had almost zero confidence. But today I’m thinking about getting “unstoppable” tattooed on my forehead. How … [Read more...]

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