RAF. No Evidence / Kein Beweis: From criminal to artistic investigation

RAF. No Evidence / Kein Beweis, by photographer Arwed Messmer. On amazon US and UK. Publisher Hatje Cantz writes: Numerous accounts of the RAF and the German Autumn in 1977 have been chronicled over the past forty years, from journalistic, historical, literary, cinematic, and artistic perspectives. Arwed Messmer begins with the various photographs made by police photographers at the time—pictures … [Read more...]

M. A. A. R. S.: Learning to become Martians

Benjamin Pothier/Hervé Studio, Trailer M.A.A.R.S. Atacama’s Journey The Atacama desert in Chile is one of the harshest environments on Earth. It is so dry that the central sector can go through periods of up to four years without any rainfall. As for the land, it is so arid, so deprived of water and nutrients that it is almost sterile. Yet, the desert harbours the world’s largest … [Read more...]

Failed banks, quantified self and addiction to the infinite scroll. An interview with Michael Mandiberg

Michael Mandiberg, Quantified Self Portrait (One Year Performance), 2017. Installation view at LACMA’s Ray’s & Stark Bar In 2008, as the U.S. was going through the Great Recession, Michael Mandiberg noticed that when a bank failed, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) would erase its visual identity from the internet. The whole disappearing act was taking place over the course of … [Read more...]

Josef Koudelka. Wall, portrait of a crime against the landscape

Josef Koudelka . Invasion / Exiles / Wall, view of the exhibition space at C/O Berlin “Every day that I was there I didn’t see anything else but the wall, and I can tell you I couldn’t stand it longer than three weeks. I was so depressed that I needed to go away,” photographer Josef Koudelka explained in an interview about Wall, a series that documents the monumental wall erected by … [Read more...]

Artists vs. London’s massive Arms Fair

Peter Kennard, Warhead 3, 2017 Darren Cullen / Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives, New War, 2017 This September, London will once again host one of the world’s largest arms fairs. The event brings dictatorships and human rights abusers together with some of the biggest arms companies. The fair that sells everything that can maim, kill, wound, and hurt people is euphemistically called Defence & … [Read more...]

The System of Systems: technology and bureaucracy in the asylum seeking process in Europe

Back in May, i went to Athens on a whim. Of course, Greece has the most fabulous food on the old continent, firemen on motorbikes, soldiers wearing pompom shoes, and jaw-dropping architecture. But I also wanted to see The System of Systems, a group show that explored how political powers are using technologies in bureaucratic systems to determine the fate of asylum seekers in Europe. What better … [Read more...]

How To Live Together. Part 1: the bad news

How To Live Together, an exhibition currently on view at Kunsthalle Wien, aims to looks that the conditions and prospects of living together in terms of individual and social dimensions. Installation view: How To Live Together, Kunsthalle Wien 2017, Photo: Stephan Wyckoff: Goshka Macuga, To the Son of Man Who Ate the Scroll, 2016 Paul Graham, Beyond Caring, 1984/8 This is a brave, laudable and … [Read more...]

Finding ‘skinship’ with trees

Mari Keski-Korsu, Beat to the Balance. Photography: Ross Fraser McLean / StudioRoRo for Edge Effects, Scottish Sculpture Workshop Mari Keski-Korsu‘s work investigates how ecological and socio-economical changes manifest in everyday life. Her artistic research takes many forms: she took activists, artists and scientists on an expedition that delved into nuclear power, made some witty … [Read more...]

Alchemy. The Great Art

In medieval Europe, alchemy was the Ars magna, the ‘Great Art’. Sarah Schönfeld, All you can feel, Crystal Meth (Planets), photo-pharmaceutical series 2013. Crystal Meth on photo-negative, enlarged as c-print Alchemie. Die Große Kunst/Alchemy. The Great Art (exhibition view.) © Photo: David von Becker for Staatliche Museen zu Berlin Alchemy. The Great Art, a show which will close this Sunday at … [Read more...]

Work it, Feel it! New mechanisms of body discipline

Toni Schmale, hafenperle II, from the series: fuhrpark. was das/der neue gefährt sein kann, 2013. Installation view: Work it, feel it!, Kunsthalle Wien 2017, Photo: Jorit Aust Juliette Goiffon and Charles Beauté, Face mask, 2016 Article 24 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights declares that Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and … [Read more...]

MOMENTUM 9: A case for user-alienating design

Tuomas Kortteinen and Heikki Lotvonen, webpage of MOMENTUM 9 Tuomas Kortteinen and Heikki Lotvonen, visual identity for MOMENTUM 9 Tuomas Kortteinen and Heikki Lotvonen, visual identity for MOMENTUM 9. Image courtesy of the artists I don’t often mention the website of biennial, festivals and exhibitions. They are usually designed to look edgy, efficient and user-friendly. They are also … [Read more...]

MOMENTUM9. Maybe none of this is science fiction

Previously: MOMENTUM9 – “Alienation is our contemporary condition”. Trollkrem, Deep Down Below, 2017. Official opening of the exhibition. Photo by Ingeborg Øien Thorsland Jone Kvie, Untitled (Carrier), 2006 Accelerated technological, ecological and social shifts have created a world we feel we can’t control nor even fully comprehend. This sense of estrangement seems to be inescapable, it is … [Read more...]

Trust Me I’m an Artist. Ethics surrounding art & science collaborations (part 1)

Kira O’Reilly and Jennifer Willet, Be-wildering performance. Photo: Bas de Brouwer Trust Me, Im an Artist. Opening of the exhibition at Het Glazen Huis, Amstelpark, Amsterdam. Photos by Bas de Brouwer Do artists using biotechnological materials and scientific processes have the same obligations, rights and responsibilities as scientists? Or should they enjoy more liberties and particular … [Read more...]

La Movida. Or the need for countercultural movements

Alejandría Cinque, from the The Disposable Generation series Clara Casian, House on the Borderland, 2017 La Movida was a countercultural movement that emerged in Madrid after the death of dictator Francisco Franco in 1975. Suddenly liberated from the stern restrictions imposed the State and the Church, musicians, film directors (notably Pedro Almodóvar), artists and anyone involved in the capital … [Read more...]

Shanzhai Archeology: defying our standardized technological imagination

DISNOVATION.ORG (With Clément Renaud & Yuan Qu), Shanzhai Archeology. Photo : Sébastien Moitrot Shanzhai Archeology – Research Database – beta. Photo: DISNOVATION.ORG Over the past couple of years, Maria Roszkowska, Clément Renaud and Nicolas Maigret from DISNOVATION.ORG have been quietly smuggling odd-looking phones from China to Europe. They’ve got a phone that doubles up … [Read more...]

Socle du Monde Biennale – The geometries

Piero Manzoni (portrait.) Photo: Helene Bagger In 1961 Piero Manzoni, the enfant terrible of the avantgarde in the mid 20th century, created 90 small cans, signed them and famously labelled them Artist’s Shit (Merda d’Artista). Each was priced by weight based on the value of gold at the time. The cans have since traveled to art collections all over the world and sold for spectacular … [Read more...]

Magazine recommendation: EE #2. Beyond Nature

Photo: EE -Experimental and Emerging Art Norway The month’s been merciless workwise but I’ll soon be an almost-lady-of-leisure again and regular service will eventually resume. In the meantime, here’s a quick but rhapsodic recommendation if you’re in the mood for an intelligent, engaging and free to download art magazine. EE -Experimental and Emerging Art Norway, a magazine … [Read more...]

Economia festival: short films about finance

Nathaniel Sullivan, Before the Nation Went Bankrupt (still), 2016 Adam Curtis, The Century of the Self. Photo by Diewke van den Heuvel On Monday, i took you on a quick walk through the exhibition of the Economia festival in Eindhoven. Today I’m going to share a few short films, animations and documentaries i discovered over the 3 days i spent there. The screenings exposed the world of … [Read more...]

Medusa FPS, the game that subverts the logic and goals of the FPS genre

Karolina Sobecka, Medusa FPS (caption from the video game) The military is increasingly using smart robotic weapon systems that distribute agency between a team of men, an algorithm and a machine. This type of weapon means that any sense of responsibility and accountability is shared and thus diluted. If that were not disturbing enough, personal weapons used by civilians are now being fitted with … [Read more...]

PIGS, structures of surveillance, metabolic landscape, a quiet USA, etc. My favourite photo books of the moment

I'm drowning in really good books this year. Half of them are photography books. And because i'm short on time and these publications deserve a review, i'm going to take the lazy road: a sweeping and speedy overview of 5 of my favourite photo books of the moment. In one post. continue Article by we make money not art. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

The sound of empty space

The sound of empty space explores relationships between microphones, speakers, and surrounding acoustic environments through controlled, self-generating microphone feedback. By building flawed technological systems and nullifying their intended potential for communication, the ear is turned towards the empty space between components; to the unique configurations of each amplifying assemblage … [Read more...]

DIYsect. A series about the DIY Biology & Biology-Art intersection

The goal of this small and smart web series is to discuss the way biotechnology is changing our society: What are its political, social, and even philosophical implications? What happens when manipulating life becomes as simple as writing a line of code? And more importantly, what does this mean for average citizens and their future? continue Article by we make money not art. Read entire story … [Read more...]

Staalplaat Soundsystem and the book that’s also a paper turntable and a music instrument

A quick post to let you know about the really REALLY nice book i received the other day. I can't stop playing with it. The publication celebrates Staalplaat Soundsystem's brilliant work continue Article by we make money not art. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

The 3D Additivist Manifesto + Cookbook

An invitation to artists, researchers, activists and critical engineers to submit ideas, thoughts, and designs for the future of 3D printing. The submissions should reflect on the current state of additive manufacturing, find the potential encoded into the most challenging 3D printed objects and push 3D printing to its most speculative and radical limits. Once collected, these submissions will … [Read more...]

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