How to Nurture Customers During the Long Growth Stage

After new customers are fully onboarded, they move along the customer journey into the growth stage (nurture or adoption stage). For most recurring revenue companies, this stage is the longest. Looking at the representation below, customers typically spend 30 days in the new or onboarding stage, 30 days in the renewal stage, and the remaining time or 305 days of the year, in the growth stage. Are … [Read more...]

Building Customer Centric Organizations – TSIA Keynote Recap from Customer Success Summit 2017

Customer Success Summit is the industry-leading conference on customer success because it brings together experienced customer success professionals and industry thought-leaders, as well as research institutes for industry benchmarking. To that end, one of the keynotes from #CSSummit17 was Thomas E. Lah, Executive Director at TSIA, a for-profit research institute that does deep operational … [Read more...]

How Zendesk Invested in Customer Success from a Product-First Perspective

Zendesk is a family of products that helps companies manage the entire customer lifecycle in different ways. They are on a scale that is uncommon for B2B companies, with a $350M run rate, 90K paying customers, and an additional 50-100K free or trial customers at any given time. At Customer Success Summit 2017, Sam Boonin, VP of Product Strategy at Zendesk, gave a keynote address where he pointed … [Read more...]

Clicktale Achieves Company-Wide Alignment Around the Customer with Zoe

Totango Success Story Clicktale is a customer experience analytics solution that helps businesses deliver exceptional digital experiences to their customers by tapping into the wisdom and behavior of millions of visitors. Becoming a Customer Success Focused Organization In 2015, Clicktale made the transition from a professional services model to a customer success focused organization. During this … [Read more...]

6 Key Takeaways from Forrester Research Guest Webinar on Customer-Centricity

Kate Leggett, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and leading expert in customer relationship management and customer service strategy, joined Guy Nirpaz, CEO & Co-Founder of Totango, to talk about customer centricity and the technology that is disrupting the traditional approach to achieving it. Check out the 6 key takeaways from the webinar: The customer controls the … [Read more...]

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