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A Productive September and October = a Happier November and December

Why planning your holiday promotions now can lead to greater success — and less stress — come November and December. The holiday season seems to move into our lives and stores earlier and earlier. Christmas decorations appear on shelves before Halloween. Stores make space for Halloween costumes before summer’s end. No longer is there an official start to the holiday season. And no … [Read More...]

The Internet Is Not Your ATM

Maybe you have hopes and dreams about making a living online. Maybe you’ve envisioned a beautiful future where you work four hours a week, you never trade time for money, you sail through a life of ease because you’ve learned to “work smart” and figured out “one weird trick.” The internet doesn’t care. The internet Read More... The post The Internet Is Not … [Read More...]

One Screenshot You Must Include When Pitching a Sponsored Post

If you’re familiar with sponsored content as an income stream, chances are you’ve been asked for a media kit or a proposal to do a sponsored post. Unfortunately, the world of sponsored post rates and assessing the value of your site is a bit like the wild, wild west. It can be daunting putting together a media kit, especially when you don’t have the ‘big numbers’ everyone seems to flaunt and … [Read More...]

5 Funnels to Increase Subscriber Engagement

Let’s play a game! Which subscriber would you rather have? Subscriber A – Joins your list, stays for a few years, opens emails regularly (every 2 or 3 emails), but has never forwarded your content or shared it on social channels. A consistent subscriber, yet you’ve never interacted with this person and don’t know what they’re about. Or how about… Subscriber B – Joins your list, … [Read More...]

Strongly Worded Advice Week on Copyblogger

This is a week of strong opinions on Copyblogger — designed to make you more productive, wiser, saner, and maybe even happier. We want you to do amazing things, so we’re not pulling any punches. On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman encouraged us to get a handle on our information overwhelm, starting with getting smarter about the Read More... The post Strongly Worded Advice Week on Copyblogger … [Read More...]

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The 10 Best Practical Ways to Budget Your Money and Save More

The foundation of any solid financial freedom plan is in knowing the best ways to budget your money and save effectively.  It’s absolutely fundamental to preserving your wealth. Have you ever wondered why so many lottery winners end up going broke a short while after winning?  Fortune reports that nearly a third declares bankruptcy within 5 years. You’d think that all those millions of dollars … [Read More...]

The 401(k) Age 55 Rule for Early Retirement Income

Most people in the U.S. know that when it comes to retirement planning, if you don’t wait to withdraw your funds until age 59-1/2, then there will be a pesky 10% penalty to pay. However, there is one little known rule when it comes to 401(k) plans. It’s called the 401(k) Age 55 Rule, and it basically allows you to start making penalty-free withdraws as soon as the year you turn age 55. Here’s … [Read More...]

How Does Social Security Factor Into Your Retirement Safe Withdrawal Rate?

Have you ever wondered what kind of impact Social Security makes on the retirement safe withdrawal rate you choose? When it comes to retirement planning, lots of people know that there exists some withdrawal rate that is considered “safe”. The most popular of these rates is of course the 4 Percent Rule. This was popularized in the 1990’s by Bill Bengen and The Trinity Study. … [Read More...]

What is the Minimum Retirement Savings You Could Comfortably Live On?

Have you ever thought to yourself: What’s the least amount or minimum retirement savings I could get away with? It’s a perfectly valid question to ask; especially when you consider how little retirement savings most people actually have. (Fidelity estimates the average is around $273,600.) While the major media outlets would have you believe that you need somewhere between $2 and $3 … [Read More...]

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The Holiday Season Marketing Blueprint For eCommerce Stores

Holiday season is here. And with Holiday shopping beginning as early as during Halloween, it makes sense for retailers to start early. The same can be said for online retailers or eCommerce stores, who are on the winning side during the Holiday season when customers throng online stores for shopping. This is owing to the Article by Blog. Read entire story here. … [Read More...]

High Conversion Sites Are Created for the Mind

We humans like to think we’re rational creatures. That we make logical decisions based on concrete information, and that are conscious minds are in control. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest just the opposite, of course, but we like to ignore it and tell ourselves we know what we’re doing, and why. The truth is, Article by Blog. Read entire story here. … [Read More...]

What It Really Takes to Get a 10/10 Facebook Ads Relevance Score

Image via Shutterstock. If you want an ad campaign to be profitable, it’s crucial that your ad is shown to the right audience. Your ad promoting beard oil might have the best copy, images and offer — but it will never convert well if it’s shown primarily to a female audience. The ad would be irrelevant, and you would receive a relevance score which reflects this. It’s not enjoyable (or profitable) … [Read More...]

5 Hardest Things in Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is hard; it’s constantly changing and you need to know a lot about a lot. Keeping up with the technology changes and managing business’ expectations can be tricky. Here’s what some of the top experts in the field are saying about the top challenges in conversion optimization. #1 Having to be an expert in many things. CRO is multidisciplinary and cross-functional. … [Read More...]

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How to Create your Own Membership Site and Premium Content

If you provide specialized knowledge and content about any specific content, you could make a lot of money with building membership sites. Membership sites are websites that provide access to premium content to members who in turn pay a monthly fee … [Read More...]

Private Advertising vs Google Adsense

Private Advertising vs Google AdSense – which is best? Lately more and more bloggers are starting to sell private ad space on their blogs and have stopped using Google AdSense altogether – some because they feel that they are not earning … [Read More...]

The Guide You’ll Need to Make Money with Advertising (if you’ve got your own blog, this is for you)

If you already have your own blog, or if you are planning on starting your own blog, you could easily make money with advertising. You could make use of Google Adsense, Bidvertiser or private advertising. I will be exploring all three options in this … [Read More...]

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The price of bitcoin surged over 8% today and in the process smashed right through the $5,000 level as well as the prior highs from September 1st.  Where this run ends is anyone’s guess, but trying to call the top in the past has been like … [Read More...]

How to Get Tax Breaks Before You Even Start Your Own Business

How to Get Tax Breaks Before You Even Start Your Own Business It’s an exciting time for entrepreneurs to be starting up their own business. Never before have there been so many unique niches in the market. What’s more, any one of them can be … [Read More...]

The Closer — Demographic Yield & PPI — 10/12/17

Log-in here if you’re a member with access to the Closer. Looking for deeper insight on global markets and economics?  In tonight’s Closer sent to Bespoke Institutional clients, we review the impact of demographics on yields around the … [Read More...]

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Texas executes man convicted of murdering guard with shank

Texas executed a man convicted of murdering a prison guard in 1999, after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a last-minute appeal. Article by Feedburner. Read entire story here. … [Read More...]

How To Use Evernote: 21 Creative Uses

Are you looking for new ways to get better organized? One of the biggest challenges I have when it comes to organizing is what to do with the stuff I want to keep but do not need right now. In the past, I always ended up having a huge pile somewhere … [Read More...]

More protests erupted in St. Louis after acquittal in police shooting

Activists marched peacefully through a St. Louis-area mall on Saturday, protesting the acquittal of a white former officer accused of murdering a black man. Article by Feedburner. Read entire story here. … [Read More...]

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So, I got tricked into doing Yoga. How? A simple persuasion trick that can be used to create persuasive sales messages.

So, I went to Asheville, North Carolina to speak at an event. As I walked out of the airport, my Uber driver told me “12 Bones” is the best BBQ in Asheville. And it’s only open for lunch. “TAKE ME THERE!” It was me. And my video guy. We had all our luggage. But we didn’t have a choice. The place was closing soon. I walked into the restaurant and saw the writing … [Read More...]

Be Your Own Accountant

Are you sick of paying fees for your accountant? Sure, whether you run your own business, are self-employed, or simply want someone to take away all the hassle of bookkeeping, an accountant can be a real help. But, eventually, those sky-high fees will become a big drain on your finances, especially if you are struggling to make a profit in the first place. Think it’s worth trying to be your own … [Read More...]

Is Working From Home All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

The ability to sip your favorite coffee and chill out on a comfy sofa with your laptop open answering work emails and being productive while making money at the same time sounds like most people’s idea of a perfect work to home life balance. Working from home has emerged with the advent of agile working. As we have become more interlinked through the use of technology, we now have the luxury of … [Read More...]

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How We Just Scored a $100,000 House for Just $75,000

Are you looking for deals on real estate, but can’t seem to find them? Sure, the market’s hot right now, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no deals to be had – you’ve just got to dig wider, deeper, and probably get a bit creative with your digging style! If you’re constantly on the lookout for a deal on real estate, then you might want to incorporate this … [Read More...]

Systems for Your Email: How to Automate Your Inbox in Minutes

Are you overloaded with your email inbox? If you’re looking for a system to automate your email in just a few minutes, I have a solution for you! And this isn’t just theory, this is something I’ve personally been able to accomplish. Last week a miracle happened. A straight up miracle, y’all! For the first time ever (so it seems) I hit inbox zero with my Gmail account. If you run an online business … [Read More...]

How to Find the Best Personal Finance Blogs For You

Ever watch “Miracle on 34th Street“? It’s a cute movie about Santa that I still remember from my childhood. In the movie, Santa Claus actually gets a job at Cole’s as the store Santa, where he proceeds to tell everyone about other store’s low prices on the toys they’re looking for. Initially, Cole’s management is appalled…until they realize that this … [Read More...]

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